What a busy bee I’ve been…

busy beeSo busy I haven’t got round to updating my blog! I have lots of good news to share:

  • I passed the first module of postgraduate certificate in academic practice. In September I start the second, and final, module. This one is a short action research project, and I intend to focus on story-telling in higher education – nicely linked in to my PhD.
  • I entered an essay-writing competition – the RGS-IBG Higher Education Research Group (HERG) Postgraduate Reflective Essay Competition 2015. This is not something I have ever attempted before – and I won! The title of my essay: Developing an academic identity: What’s the time Mrs Wolf? (The answer to this is it’s my time) 🙂
  • I have presented at two conferences so far – York St John University and Leicester University – both were well received.
  • I will be presenting this week at the University of Cumbria’s Doctoral Colloquium – a poster and an oral presentation. Then I have a bit of a break until September when I will be giving two oral presentations (Exeter and Belfast) and a workshop in Northampton. Phew!

I have also been invited to give a guest lecture – really honored and so want to do it. Unfortunately I will be on the way back from Belfast (via a weekend indulging in ‘wolfish’ things in Edinburgh – more on that later) so have had to decline. Booooo….I so need Hermione’s time-turner!

My next post will be less self-promotion/congratulation – hey, don’t judge me, I’m learning to give myself a pat on the back occasionally by focusing on what I have done, rather than what I haven’t done.

The next post will take the form of a more reflective and thoughtful short story….

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