Feeling thoughtful…

time-to-writeAs I prepare to head off again to present at another conference, I am feeling very thoughtful… I enjoy attending conferences as they provide lots of opportunities to make new friends, learn new things, to be challenged and inspired. Last week was a big conference in Exeter, approx 1400 people from across the world. So many different sessions to choose from, spread across a large campus over three days – bewildering and exhausting! However I was elected to the research group committee (yay!) and presented with a certificate for winning a reflective writing competition (double-yay!) – and overall it was both a positive and enjoyable event.

This week was much smaller, approx 25 people over two days in a small conference centre. A friendly, welcoming and nurturing space for exploring our research. This was a very useful time for me, allowing me to think about what I have been doing, to question why I have done it the way I have, and to consider the best way of completing this process.

Tomorrow I begin the journey to Belfast for what I plan to be my last presentation of the year – and (probably) the last ‘public’ reading of ‘Boggarts, Bears and Bunny Rabbits’. I feel it is time for me to take a break from oral presentations – and time for the Boggarts to take a well-earned rest. I feel a need to concentrate on my more ‘formal’ writing. I am so grateful to all the people who have listened to me talk, and participated in my activities – you have helped me to shape my thinking and to refine my ideas. Now it’s time to commit this to paper.

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