Fame (of a sort) at last

Tracy Hayes Jan 2016

Earlier this year I was surprised by an email from our graduate school office: “Please see below.  Would you be available to talk about your research this Friday?  If so, I’ll put your name forward for this opportunity.”

Feeling curious, I read below which outlined a request to interview a postgraduate student about their research, to be published in a national newspaper – the Independent. Wondering why on earth they would be interested in me, I replied yes, I was available, if they wanted me. My name was put into the mix, and I got on with my day job, not expecting to hear any more.

I was wrong, I was chosen, the nerves set in! After a strong black coffee, with some preparatory notes by my side,  I was ready for the interview. The interviewer was lovely, put me at my ease straightaway, and I really enjoyed talking with her. As promised, she sent me the draft prior to publication and I sent her a photo of me with my research story book, in the garden outside our office, on the memorial bench for our colleague Linda, who died last year.

I heard that the Independent was closing its printing presses – typical I thought, it won’t get published after all. Again, I was wrong! There was a delay, and it didn’t go in the Independent, instead it went in the i-newspaper. I missed it because I bought the wrong paper! However, I was very kindly sent a copy of it by a reader who was interested in my work.

So, here it is, my five minutes of fame, probably now keeping someone’s chips warm, or lining a cat litter tray, or used as packing material for someone moving house…My article


No idea who is the ‘Lady in red’ – guess it’s a media stock image.

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